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How to Look Professional on Social Media


Social Media. It rules pretty much everything now a days! I will be honest when I say that I reach for my phone every couples to catch up on what my friends, family, and of course other’s in the wedding industry are up to. Who is traveling where, who’s putting out what new course, what’s new that I can learn and soak up? Every minute SOMEONE is posting something. But that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily doing it right. Some people just post to post. What’s the point of posting on social media when you don’t ACTUALLY have a point? It’s easy to get caught up in the feed and lose your focus on intentional content because you just don’t want to be forgotten. Today, we’re going over the easiest ways for you to look professional on social media and WHY you should even care!


The first and I would say one of the most important things to making your social media look and feel professional is to make sure that what you are posting is consistent, not only just in aesthetic, but also in content descriptions! Tony and I love five things – each other, our business, our dogs, our home, and traveling. If you go to our Instagram account, you will see that these are the only things we post about! We do this so that our followers are learning more about us, and in return, we hope that they engage so that WE can learn more about THEM and what we have in common (which brings us to our next point below)! We also make sure that each image that we post is consistent in color, contrast, complexity, and emotion. We like to be happy, colorful, and simple! For us, this is pretty easy because we edit all of our images the same way, but you should too! Using apps like VSCO, Lightroom, and Afterlight make this super easy to do!


We make sure to keep our brand very obvious on all of our social media platforms. Blue is a dominating color on all of our accounts, our logo is present everywhere, and actually, most of our accounts are linked up so that when you post on Instagram or the blog, it also posts to our Facebook page! You want to make sure that your branding is clear through out all of the digital marketing, including your social media.

Get Personal & Have Fun

Sure, we understand that some people may turn away when we say that we get personal on our social media. Some businesses like to keep it just that – business. Not us! We want our followers to be FRIENDS with US and we want the same in return! What’s the fun in social media if you aren’t allowing yourself to be social, specifically and personally?


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