A Raleigh Durham Engagement

August 7, 2017

You guys!! We got to meet up with Greg and Brooke for a Raleigh Durham Engagement! I can’t even explain how adorable these two are. I mean, you can clearly tell when you look at them that they are just so cute but then when you start to talk to them and listen to how their love story got started, you just MELT! I can’t do the story any justice so I HAVE to just let you read what Greg wrote about Brooke and how they met! (Sorry Greg, I HAD to!)

“We actually met on Tinder. It wasn’t soon after matching I asked her for her number, she responded with “well I’m new to this, so let’s just stick to talking on here for a while…” Feeling slightly defeated, yet intrigued, we just kept talking on Tinder. A few days later and a couple conversation Brooke ended up asking me out. “Hey, since you live in Durham, and I live in Durham we should go to a Durham Bulls game or something.” I suggested exchanging numbers again, to make the planning process a little easier. IT WORKED!

After she proposed the idea of getting together, and we exchanged number, the planning for our first date began. We talked about a few different ideas before we settled on Mt. Fugi, a sushi place in Brightleaf square in downtown Durham, on June 30th.  I was very early and beat her there, even though she was also, early compared to what we had originally said. We had a few rolls of sushi, and I just talked and talked and talked- boy, I was nervous. I paid the bill, but didn’t want the evening to be over. I asked if she wanted to get desert somewhere. To my excitement she said yes, and suggested a place she heard was good. It must not have been that good, because when we walked to it, it was closed… for good. We walked around a little bit more, and came across a place called the cupcake bar. They had small little cupcakes, so we were able to try all of them- probably 6 or so. They were about to close, so we took them to go, and walked across the street to Bayu café. We ordered a turtle mocha each, and started to enjoy the cupcakes. Our waiter was very kind, so I offered him one, and to our surprise he actually took one. Our coffee came out, and shortly after a jazz band started to play. LOUDLY! At that point I couldn’t hear anything Brooke was saying, so I asked if I could come sit next to her. With a cute little nod, I stood up to walk over to her and knocked into the table, spilling the majority of her coffee. We talked more, enjoyed each other’s company, and then walked back to her car. I jokingly said “ I want to kiss you right now, but I won’t”, really just feeling her out if she wanted to be kissed. She had me so nervous, something I usually wasn’t when it came to girls. I gave her a hug bye, and we went our separate ways. She texted me when she got home, and I immediately asked her out for another date. I just wanted more of her.

I had the ring for about a month in a half, two months. Everywhere I hid the ring, she seemed to always come close to finding it. I put it in spots she never goes! I was trying to figure out the best way to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. She didn’t want something in public, but I wanted to make it special. After racking my head on the best idea possible, I finally came up with the idea to propose to her at the house, with a montage of our first year together, cupcakes from cupcake bar, and I learned to make the turtle mocha from our first date. I set up the living room with the main picture of the montage on the screen- it was Brightleaf Square lite up- strands of bulb lights strung up, and two chairs in front of the tv. When I pressed play, the movie started and a few of our favorite loves songs began to play- A Sunday kind of love- Etta James, Make me Feel- XOXO, Marry you by Bruno mars, and Can’t Help Falling in Love- Haley Reinhart. The final picture was the backside of Brightleaf Square in front of Mt.Fugi, and the words “I have one question for you” came across the screen. I dropped to my knee right in front of her, trying to control my emotion, and all I could get out with an emotional stutter was, “Brooke, will you marry me?” She shook her head yes, and made sure to check if I asked her dad… I put the ring on her finger and held her tightly, and promised right there to love her forever.”

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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