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January 1, 2017

Change is good. Good change is GREAT. We have some great changes that are happening around here. As Tony and I’s wedding slowly approaches, we have been thinking about the business and how this plays a part in our lives. I love Tony being my second shooter. He is so talented and his perspective on wedding days really keeps my mind open to new ideas and views that I wouldn’t have usually thought of.

But Tony isn’t just a second shooter. Tony helps me with my financials. He makes sure that I am always being fair, not only to my customers, but to myself as well. He goes to all of my classes and conferences with me to learn what’s new and fresh. He watches hours of learning material online with me. Tony doesn’t just show up on wedding days, snaps some pictures, and then goes home to never think about photography again until the next wedding. Besides emails, editing and web design, Tony basically does everything that I do when it comes to my business.

So we thought about it and prayed about it and decided it was only right to make Tony my partner in this company! BUT NOT YET. For 2016, the company is still Andie Younkin Photography, LLC. Come New Years Day of 2017, we will officially be re-branding the company to be a husband and wife photography team! How will this work? Well, let me break it down a little bit.

Everyone knows the company, Apple. Everyone knows what a MacBook is. Everyone knows what an iPhone is. But the MacBook and the iPhone are not their own companies. The MacBook and the iPhone are products of Apple.

Thats what our new company is going to be. Our husband and wife photo team will be a “product” of Andie Younkin Photography, LLC. I’m not sure if many of you know this, but we also have another “product” company that is a photo booth rental company called, “Steel & Oak Photo Booth Co.”

But what the heck is this new husband and wife photo team going to be called?? We thought long and hard about it and came up with “Andie & Tony Photography.”

JUST KIDDING. That’s super boring!

Tony calls me his rib. Some of you are probably thinking, “what in the world, that is WEIRD.” Some of you get it! God made Eve from Adam’s rib bone. God made Tony and I for each other. There is no one else on this earth that I want to climb the mountain of life with besides Tony. He is literally my other half.

Tony’s last name is Ingagliato. Yes, I-N-G-A-G-L-I-A-T-O. I’m going from Younkin to Ingagliato. A lot of people find this really funny because it’s like, Andie, you couldn’t have married a man with a normal last name?? NOPE! I don’t do anything normal so I’m certainly not going to stop with my new married name! Anyway, back to the name, Ingagliato is Italian! So lets put all the pieces together here.

Jesus, the Bible, Italian heritage, marriage, weddings…. Costola. Costola literally means “rib” in Italian! We found it to be the perfect representation of what we are and what we are about. I’ve been looking on the new brand, website, promo video, etc for Costola this year in order to have everything perfect and ready to go by January 1st. That being said, we needed new head shots!

We met up with Candace of Candace Nicole Photography in La Plata last night. Candace has become a really great friend of ours. We met through this business and I can’t imagine not having her in our lives now! She really is an amazing woman and SO talented! I hope you love the Italian vibe we tried to create using marble architecture found in our small home town of La Plata, Maryland! We even included our Shitzu-poodle pup, DaVinci, for some photos as well!


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