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3 Days in Capri & Anacapri

December 21, 2016

Our Honeymoon Series

First of all, I just have to say how overwhelmed Tony and I both are for how much love and just kind words that everyone has been giving us. Our wedding day was a dream come true. It was honestly more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. So to top such a magical day off with this amazing honeymoon – I’m beyond grateful. God is such a great God. He provides and then he blesses us with the most amazing opportunities and loved ones to share them with. If you missed it, you can see our wedding blog post here!

Our honeymoon started out with 14 hour travel day. This is because I am a budget queen and refuse to pay full price for anything. That includes airline tickets. So we hopped on our plane from Washington and flew to Paris, to then fly to Naples. From Naples, we took a ferry to the island of Capri. I had been to Capri with my mother almost 10 years ago, so seeing it now with Tony was a dream come true. All of the memories came flooding back the instant we stepped onto the ferry. It is hands down one of my most favorite places on this earth, and seeing it in the winter without a bunch of tourists running around just made it that much more true. We had the entire island to ourselves with the locals!

As soon as we hopped off of the ferry, we were greeted by Camillo, our private boat tour guide from Capri Star Tour. Ironically enough, I found Camillo off of Instagram and booked him through Instagram as well. He was so helpful right from the start, and it didn’t stop there. I had told him that our plane had run an hour late so he met us at the docks with two huge caprese sandwiches and a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate our honeymoon and arrival in Italy!

We had about an hour and a half before the sun was gone, so he promptly got us on the boat and started the tour right away. He was super informative and funny! I think it’s always really important to have someone who is not only going to educate you on where you are when you do a tour, but also a person who makes you laugh and entertains you while doing it. It keeps you awake and interested!

After the boat tour, Camillo also gave us perfect directions on how to get to our Airbnb, which was definitely needed because by the time we got there, it was pitch black dark outside and we had no idea where we were going. Once we got there, it was like coming home. The two hosts,one named Claudio, greeted us with warm and open arms, showing us to our rooms with smiles. It was the most beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Anacapri called, Betolla Del Re. We ran down the street to a restaurant that was known for their pizza, which was the perfect pick me up after a long day of travel, called Il Boccone

We crashed pretty soon after that to wake up to a beautiful breakfast made by our hosts, including of course a delicious fresh cappuccino!

We took the bus to the marina to then walk back up the mountain side to the chair lift. I had never done the chair lift and I was expecting something like a large ski lift. You know, for two people. Roomy. Safe. Nope. This thing was a one seater and the only way I can describe it is if you literally bolted a pole to your kitchen table chair and then suspended yourself hundreds of feet in the air off of a mountain. BUT, it was well worth it (even though I closed my eyes most of the time) because the view from the highest point of the island was incredible. There was even a little coffee shop (what they call a bar) at the top, and it was well deserved and needed because it was a little chilly at the top!

We drank our cappuccinos and headed back to the Airbnb to take a nap. We napped a lot on this trip. We basically just ate, drank, walked around to see things and then napped. Camillo had made us reservations for an amazing restaurant in Capri called Michelangelo’s.

Oh! Y’all I totally forgot to tell you about the stairs. So, there are a set of stairs that go from one side of the island to the other. You look on Google Maps and it tells you it’s going to take 30 minutes to get from one side to the other (the island is only 4 square miles), but it LIES. These stairs are CRAZY. They are called The Phoenician Steps and there 921 stone steps to get you from one end to the other. Yes, Tony and I walked down them to dinner and up them the day before.

Anyway, back to dinner. Turns out, we find out a little into the dinner that the owner himself is serving us! They had the best raw seafood antipasti, Tony had a filet and I had the seafood pasta. Everything was to die for and the service was amazing. He even brought us out deserts with a fire candle and then brought out two bottles of grappa for us to drink. By the way, Italian’s drink grappa after meals which is basically a shot of liquor. Cracks me up. It makes me want to throw up everything I just ate so I skip on that. I’ll take more wine, please! Speaking of wine, the owner then gifted us a bottle of his own wine on our way out the door! I’m telling you they are the NICEST people! We drank it the next day of course because we couldn’t wait to try it, and it did not disappoint! It was delicious!

It had started to drizzle a little bit after dinner so we walked to the bus station to catch the last bus to our Airbnb. Once we got home, we enjoyed the patio while Tony smoked a cigar. It was the perfect night to be our last night in Capri. We had to catch some Zzz’s however because the next day we were going to inland to Sorrento!

(You can see the Phoenician Steps in this picture above! They start at the white building above that scary road that goes to the edge of the mountain and they zig zag all the way down to the bottom where the port is!)



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