Lizzy’s Internship Experience

January 17, 2020

Fall 2019

head shot of woman in washington dc with marble background and sequin dress by costola photography

Hey guys! I’m Lizzy – wife, mom of two, and owner of LB Photography. I love the Florida Keys and all things pink. I had the honor of interning with the Costola family for the fall 2019 internship program (apply for the 2020 internship HERE!). For the past two years, I have been trying to find my way in the big world of wedding photography. I can say not only my business, but my life changed (in so many AMAZING ways!) thanks to Andie, Tony, Vinci and Vincent.

I like to think god blessed me with the internship. When I first applied with Costola, I was working full time at a job it didn’t love. I knew in my heart that the internship could be the push into my dreams I had been praying for. From the second Andie and Tony welcomed me into their home, I felt like I had known them my whole life. My first day, I was so anxious and nervous. I showed up ready to receive my trusty intern handbook and learn #allthethings. Andie instantly made me feel so comfortable  and part of the the Costola Studio.

As the weeks went on, I felt like I was getting the swing of things and grew closer to my Costola family. We traveled to Harper’s Ferry for our Costola Retreat. Then, jetsetted to Paris and Pittsburgh, attending workshops and photographing beautiful people. I went from a girl who never traveled, to experiencing places I had only dreamed of, toe to toe with my closest girlfriends. 

Before the internship, I struggled finding myself in my business. I knew what I wanted for my business but I had no real idea on how to get there. With the help of Andie and Tony I was able to find exactly where I wanted LBP to be! Andie taught me so many “tricks of the trade” and helped develop a brand I am so proud to call mine. 

2019 internship girls holding hand and dancing by costola photography

This internship not only taught me things about business, organization, lighting and exposure, it taught me the true value of friendship. I gained a community a girls I now call sisters. We have this amazing support system of creative minds who all want the best for each other. We cheer each other on, we laugh and we support one another. I can’t wait to take all the wonderful things I learned along the way with me into 2020. 

Now that my internship has concluded, my life has been full of changes. Thanks to the help of Andie, I have recently had a full business rebrand. I have learned so many savvy tricks to elevate my business and help me stay as organized as possible. 

5 Tips for the next Interns

  1. Be yourself. Andie and Tony (Vinci and Vincent) love you just the way you are!
  2. Come to the door with an open mind ready to take in knowledge. You are going to learn so much!
  3. Write down you questions to ask Andie on Thursdays. Andie always taught me anything I wanted to learn. Write down you questions so you can learn, too!
  4. Become one with Trello and Google Calendar. It will change your life.
  5. If you’re thinking about applying then… APPLY HERE! I was so nervous to apply for the internship and it was the best decision I have made. Looking back to my life a year ago and how much has changed (for the good!) is phenomenal. 

To A&T – Thank you for taking me in and loving me as you own! You guys have been a true blessing for my business and my life. Everyone in the Morrison House loves you so much!



head shot of woman in washington dc with marble background and sequin dress by costola photography

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