Summer Anniversary in Richmond, Virginia

September 25, 2019

Keith & Christine

I’ve been sitting here for a minute or two trying to think about how to even start this blog post. How do I introduce to you the people who were a HUGE reason for how I was even able to finish my college degree? Who (quite literally) adopted me as their third daughter during the time I was in school living in Richmond? I was on their Christmas card for Pete’s sake! Mr. & Mrs. T are my best friend’s parents. They welcomed me into their guest room in their home when they heard that I couldn’t afford housing my sophomore year and treated me like one of their own. When Shelby (their daughter, my BFF) asked me if she could treat her parents to a session for their 30th anniversary in Richmond, Virginia, I was SO EXCITED.

Mr. & Mrs. T are THAT couple. The kind that still wants to tell EVERYONE at the NYE party every year that Keith proposed to Christine on NYE because they are still just that excited about it. They have always been a really wonderful example of what marriage should look like to me. Hard working, loving, friendly, caring, kind, and always up for a good time. They were the first ones to teach me that the husband and wife should make each other the top priority and that kids are second, because if your marriage isn’t strong, how could anything else be strong on a shaky foundation?

I shot my first deer (and only, so far) with Mr. T when he took Shelby and I to their cabin in West Virginia. They have taken me fishing, on their Christmas lights tour around the town, fed me, taught me how to sew better, and I’m pretty sure that they saved me from car problems a few times. I say all of this to try to show you just a SLIGHT glimmer of what they have done for me! I love them so much and I can’t believe that I was the one to be able to take their 30th anniversary in Richmond.

P.S. Their dog, Sweetpea, is a feisty little animal who I have grown fond of over the years now that she no longer can give me the crazy death stare from across the living room. We couldn’t have a portrait session without including her!

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  1. Rosemary P. Rhew says:

    An entertaining essay, Andi. Very well written. One correction. Took “Shelby and me” instead of took Shelby and I.

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