Fall Wedding At Stone Tower Winery

December 9, 2022

Fall Wedding At Stone Tower Winery

Kristin & Ting

Kristin and Ting got married in the beautiful wine country of Virginia at the Stone Tower Winery. The wedding perfectly blended rustic and sophisticated styles, set against the stunning backdrop of rolling hills and vineyards. Additionally, the autumn season added a touch of magic and romanticism to the whole experience. It made a memorable celebration of love.

Kristin and Ting broke away from the conventional color palette for their wedding. They opted for a unique and captivating one. Also, perfectly matching the fall landscape of Virginia. The palette was adorned with dusty blues. It added a modern and elegant touch to the traditional hues of the season. Against the backdrop of golden foliage and lush vineyards, their choice breathed new life into their celebration, infusing it with an understated charm.

Embracing Fall

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow upon the rolling hills. Kristin and Ting exchanged heartfelt vows amidst the vineyard’s serene beauty. Surrounded by loved ones, each moment of their union was a testament to the enduring power of love and the timeless allure of Virginia’s wine country.

Moreover, the festivities continued into the night as guests gathered under the starlit sky to celebrate the newlyweds’ love. The reception exuded pure joy and jubilation as laughter and love intertwined amidst the vines. Good music and lively atmosphere filled the air.

Kristin and Ting’s wedding at Stone Tower Winery epitomizes the evolving trends of fall weddings. Where couples embrace new color palettes and redefine traditional settings to reflect their unique love stories. Their celebration was a testament to the enduring romance of autumn and the boundless possibilities that love holds.

The wedding of Kristin and Ting at Stone Tower Winery was a beautiful celebration of love and the stunning autumn season. The leaves were dancing in the gentle breeze while the vines whispered tales of love. May their journey together be as vibrant as the colors of autumn. Forever entwined amidst the vines and rolling hills of Virginia’s wine country.


Wedding Coordinator | The Bright Occasions

Wedding Photographer | Costola Photography

Florist | Eight Tree Street

Makeup Artist | Makeup by Mimi Tran

Hair Stylist | DC Looks

Band | Lucy Black Entertainment

Caterer | Q by Peter Chang

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