April 27, 2017

The other day, we received the sweetest email from our friends at Kupcakes & Co. asking us if we wanted to meet up and try their latest and tastiest creations! The best part – they have MANY gluten free options and are even coming our with dairy free options as well! That’s actually not even the icing on the cake… they have home made doggy treats! So clearly this place has it out for Tony and I’s hearts. It has all the things our desert dreams are made of!
We loved their wedding consultant – Caitlin- and their Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake cupcake so much that we had to show the rest of their amazing treats off on the blog for a Feature (Friday) Thursday post! Yes, they were so good, we couldn’t wait till tomorrow to blog about it. They were THAT good! We interviewed the owner, Michelle, to get to know Kupcakes & Co. a little more.

CP | How did you get into your business?
K&C | Amanda, my daughter, underwent spinal fusion surgery and was in and out of the hospital growing up. As part of her recovery, the doctors suggested that she start watching The Food Network and cooking shows. She really enjoyed watching Ace of Cakes and Cupcake Wars and not long after, she began baking and coming up with her own recipes. We started working together, along with her twin sister Alison and my husband, Bill, to come up with fun flavors – and taste test! The company grew thanks to our incredible customers who fell in love with our cupcakes and shared our story with their friends and families. We’re been growing ever since!

CP | What do you love most about your business?
K&C | I love how we’ve been able to prioritize giving back to the community through our company. Every year, we hold an event called Kupcakes with Santa, where families come to the bakery to purchase cupcakes, decorate and design winter themed treats, and get their photo with Santa. We donate the proceeds from the event to a new project each year with the Howard County General Hospital’s pediatric unit, where my daughter Amanda spent so much time growing up. Last year, we were able to purchase a vein finder for the hospital, which allows children to experience much less painful needle pricks while they undergo different treatments. Our entire staff even donates their wages earned at Kupcakes with Santa and it’s always so heartwarming to see our community coming together to serve others and help us to “pay it forward.”

CP | What makes your business unique?
K&C | Our business is a family. Everyone is always so ready and willing to help in any way – from helping our clients have memorable and delicious cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats, to going above and beyond with one another to make the work day both fun and rewarding. We love seeing our bakery grow and expand while remaining “small” in the very best ways.

CP | What is something that we would be surprised to find out about you?
K&C | I have a tattoo…. Eeeeek! It’s in my mom’s handwriting and says “pay it forward.” It’s a daily reminder to always look out for others and do what you can to make a difference!

CP | Name three things you always carry with you
K&C | lipstick, cell phone & reading glasses (boo!)

CP | What advice would you give to your client’s before meeting with you?
K&C | We like to tell our clients to share their photos or Pinterest inspirations with us! Our cake decorators are incredible and can make any type of design come to life, so it’s helpful to know what the client is envisioning for the final product – whether it’s adorable fondant elephants for baby shower cupcakes or an awesome wine barrel shaped cake for a retirement party. We’ll work with you to come up with something beautiful and perfect for your special celebration!

Pause. Let’s take a second to admire these ADORABLE doggy treats!! (DaVinci and Vincent made these disappear two seconds after this photo was taken.)
CP | Do you have any exciting changes/events/new coming up soon that you are excited about?
K&C | We’re so excited to be opening our second location in Clarksville, Maryland later this spring! We are also working on creating some dairy free and vegan dessert options that we can’t wait to share with the world very soon. We know how important it is for many of our clients and their families to feel good and also be able to indulge in a sweet treat! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest news!

If you would love to see more from Kupcakes & Co. please visit the following links!
Instagram: @kupcakesco
Twitter: @kupcakesco

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