Crafting Your Artisanal Album with Costola Photography

April 12, 2023

Crafting Your Artisanal Album with Costola Photography

Our handcrafted artisanal albums are one of our favorite items that we create in the studio. We want to work with you to make the best album possible that tells a story that feels true to you.

Do you have to come in person if you want to create an album? Of course not. The best thing about a consultation is that you can see and touch the examples we have. So, when you start filling out your questionnaire, it will be easier.


Before the wedding, it might be hard to envision your ideal wedding artisanal album, therefore, our strategy is to get you comfortable with all of your options. After all, you are reading this overview because that is the reason. When you choose us as your photographers, you can add an album to your custom collection, but that doesn’t bind you to a certain album, size, shape, or number of pages.

A spread is created by two individual pages, much as you would notice if you opened any book and examined the page numbers. Page 1 is on the left, while Page 2 is on the right. Page 2 is followed by Pages 3 and 4. Sometimes we discover that since this idea is so straightforward, couples overthink it. Many people save money during the planning process by buying extra album images for spreads prior to their wedding. 


  • Prior to the wedding, decide on the album you eventually desire.
  • Enhanced adaptability by taking advantage of pre-purchase discounts to include additional images.
  • Tell us about your preferred book styles so that we can plan ahead of time for your wedding photography.
  • Put a hold on your spot in the production schedule for our albums.


You may select the initial photos yourself or have us do it for you. Our experience has taught us that these two options for selecting the initial photos work very well. Let’s look at them now.


We’ve learned over the years that asking couples to go through all of their wedding images and anticipate what would create the most appealing presentation may be a time-consuming process. It necessitates a substantial commitment of your time and computer resources.

The Costola Design is our most popular choice. That is where we begin the process by picking the first images to get the design process started. Of course, if you’ve already indicated your favorites in your gallery, we’ll take them into account and keep exploring for fresh ideas.

By adding the depth of the accent pieces we recorded while mentally storyboarding your love story, this method lets us realize our full creative vision. It also relieves you of the burden and expedites the release of your record!

Your preliminary design is based on the information in the questionnaire you filled out, so there are no surprises. Your helpful advice provides us with the criteria we need to produce the finest first album design possible, exactly as you want it.Our goal is to make it simple for you to relive your story in a timeless heirloom that can be passed down through generations.Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to retell your story in a timeless heirloom that can be passed down through generations.

costola artisanal album


Sometimes, the best way to make your vision come true is to start with the photos you love. Of course, if you want complete control over the photos we use in our designs, you may choose those images yourself.

We’ve included an Image Suggestions area in your gallery to help you decide how many photographs to choose at first, depending on the number of images you would like in your album. This allows you to make the best decisions about what to retain and what to discard. One thing to think about is how clean and beautiful (vs. cluttered) you want your album’s design to be.


Of course, after you’ve seen your album preview, you may make changes such as picture swaps, rearranging layouts, and adding additional photographs before you finish and approve your album design.

We find that since the questionnaire gives advice, we usually get it very close to “perfect” on the first try. It’s nice to know, though, that you may make adjustments before you accept the design. We just care about one thing: this album needs to be perfect for you!


The way each picture is retouched for an album is different from how it is done for a single print.

Our objective is for each image to appear its best, not just on its own but also as a group. Retouching of your album photographs is included in the price of every album design. When you receive your album, we will also include a copy of the retouched images in your own gallery.


One way to make sense of all of this is to recognize that an 8×10 album is ideal if you want something personal and intimate, and the 9×12 albums are great for two people to enjoy together, possibly sitting with it on their laps.

printed images options for your artisanal album


Using the example of a single page in a book, glancing at two sides together makes a spread. When you open the album and look at the left and right sides together, you can see how the complete spread is laid out. Some advice to think about is that a design with three or fewer photographs is the cleanest. 4 to 5 photographs is a good medium ground, while 6+ is a fuller style that looks more like a yearbook.

When designing your artisanal album, certain parts, like formal family photos, reception information, or candid photographs, may work well with more dynamic pages. There’s nothing wrong with including a few busier spreads in your album. When everything in your album is busy, your eye won’t know what to glance at, and you won’t be able to discern what is significant to you.

When we naturally set out your tale, there will be logical sections that drive the plot as well as parts that bring attention and visual respite. A signature picture of the two of you may stand alone. Moments of pleasure and celebration may coexist peacefully on the page.

We begin by taking the number of images requested in your questionnaire and reducing it to its simplest form to decide how many images to send to us or that we will utilize in your first design. After you’ve reviewed it, you can either keep it as is or add additional photographs or sides until it’s just right for you.


  1. Complete your album questionnaire
  2. Complete your 50% deposit, depending on your selections.
  3. Examine the first draft design carefully and provide suitable comments
  4. Revisions will be made until the design is accepted.
  5. Photo retouching is completed on approved design
  6. Choose your cover and customization options.
  7. Order any extra album copies you may need.

Clients from other states are not charged sales tax, however, those from Maryland are taxed at 6%.


Wedding artisanal album design does not have to be tough. We’ve learned how to divide the procedure into short, straightforward phases that make the process go more smoothly. You may even get a head start by asking us to choose the first photographs to use in the design.

We’ll take into account any preferences you’ve already told us about and also make suggestions of our own. The final approval of the design, number of pages, album style, shape, and size is, of course, entirely in your hands.

One of the added perks is a copy of the edited images for your own collection. You’ll have a great reminder of your love story, and it will also be passed down to future generations as a priceless heirloom.

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