The Ingagliatos

Ava’s Nursery

January 27, 2021

The Ingagliatos

Welcome to our nursery! As soon as we found out we were pregnant, we couldn’t wait to start designing and decorating the nursery. We’ve received a few questions on where we purchased many of the items and also some questions that I thought would be fun to answer right here in this blog post!

What items are hand-me-downs or family heirlooms in the nursery?

There are A LOT of hand-me-downs and family heirlooms in the nursery! The furniture (with the exception of the crib and rocker) is actually an entire set of furniture that my mom bought ME when I was little! It is solid wood and in great condition, so all I did was swap out the hard wear to make it match the black metal in the nursery a little better. The little booties on the shelves are both my grandmothers and my fathers first pair of baby shoes! The white blanket on the crib is my Dad’s first baby blanket. The little piano music boxes you see around the nursery are from my great-grandmother. The Noah’s Ark toy in the window, the rocking horse, the white jewelry box are all mine from when I was a baby. The dress on the dress form is my wedding dress and it will stay until Ava is old enough to reach it and get her little drooly hands all over it. This nursery (the room itself!) is actually MY childhood room!

What did you use for storage for toys or books?

All of the books and toys are stored in the toy chest that you see in the corner of the room! My Dad and step-mother gifted this toy chest to Ava at her baby shower and it fits the nursery SO WELL. In the toy chest, there are lots of books, but mostly toys that I have passed down to Ava, like my 3 American Girl dolls and clothes. Tony and I both are firm believers in not having a lot of STUFF. Babies do not need a ton of toys. Toddlers do not need a ton of toys. Honestly, give them a pot and a wooden spoon and they will entertained for hours. Or a cardboard box. 😀

Did you always know you wanted a neutral nursery instead of a theme based as far as a boy or girl?

Yes! We always knew that we wanted a neutral nursery instead of a gender themed room because we have FULL HOPES of having a little boy next. Again, one of the things that we really believe in is having less STUFF and wasting very little. We love to reuse and be as sustainable as possible. Even the clothes that we asked for for Ava – I tried to be as neutral as possible in hopes that her onesies and baby clothes would be okay for a boy to wear as well. If God blesses us with our baby boy next, all we have to do for the nursery is take out anything floral/pink and add in sailboats and touches of blue! Even my rocking chair from when I was born will be redone with neutral leather instead of pink so that our little boy can ride it too and he will know that it wasn’t JUST for Ava, but for any of our children!

See the bottom of the post for all of the links to anything in the nursery!

Crib | Rocking Chair | Barefoot Dreams Blanket (seen on the back of the rocker) | Light Fixture Chandelier | Dresser Knobs | Dress Form | Changing Basket | Hatch Noise Machine | Floating Shelves | Hermes Inspired Blanket | Promptly Journal | Blue Mouse Rattle | Gallery Boards | Faux Olive Tree | Rug | Blinds | Curtains | Curtain Rod | Kate Spade Frames | Faux Fur Throw (seen on toy chest) | Essential Oil Diffuser | Lamp | Wall Paint Color | Wall Wainscoting Panels | Personalized White Jewelry Box (mine was from Pottery Barn when I was little – HERE is one similar that they have available now) | Wooded Frames

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