Tara’s Internship Experience

December 21, 2018

Fall 2018

Hi there! I’m Tara. This fall I have had the incredible honor and opportunity to be a part of the Costola Photography Internship! I am also the – creator and photographer behind TNS Photography. I am a 30 year old portrait photographer, wife to my high school sweetheart, mother to two adorable boys (who keep me on my toes), and fur mama to our dog, Rusty. My family is my world and my first priority. Photography is my passion and my “me time”. I enjoy photographing children & families, and capturing and preserving memories like a storyteller would do. Some would say I am a “ball of energy”, a go-getter, and someone who also wears her heart on her sleeve. I love the color teal and everything about the beach. 

The last four months have been amazing working aside Andie every Thursday. Andie & Tony have invested so much time, education, and support. I am for ever grateful for the Costola family for opening their home to me like a friend. I often call Andie my “Photography Saint”, who blessed me at the right time. With their guidance I feel more confident in composing my art, shooting, editing, posing lighting, and choosing locations. I truly feel like i have found my style and my voice in the photography world. 

If there was one word to describe Costola Photography Team it would be INSPIRING! At the end of these four months (and the year) I have goals I can accomplish. Let’s face it, I could go on and on about my opportunity with the Costola family. So I’ve narrowed down some of my favorite memories with the Costola. 

One of my first meetings with Andie, Tony, Grace (Costola’s spring intern), Megan Lucks (from Luck & Love Photography), and myself was at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland for a group headshots. Guys, this place was gorgeous; the architecture, the statues at the entrance, the beautiful steps and ramps leading up the entrance, the tiny & heavy door leading to the Memorial Hall! After our quick little session with Andie and Megan, Grace and I had the opportunity to watch a “fairy tale” happen right in front of our eyes. Tony in this blue suit, and Andie in this blush pink gown. The way those two moved with out direction, and he would nuzzle and she’d smile or look away at the right moments… Magical! I soaked up every bit of information that day, I was truly inspired! In the photos you can not even tell we all were freezing, that’s a fantastic photographer! 

Like I mentioned, every Thursday morning I’d arrived at the Costola cottage. Always greeted by four adorable pups, DaVinci, Vincent, Puppy, & Hazel. Each one of them found a special place in my heart, but Hazel and I got each other. Hazel was my lap and feet warmer, while Vincent often warmed his mamas lap. She and the boys were an added bonus to the entire experience. During our four months I also had the opportunity to watch the #CostolaCottage evolve; started with a single family home and ended with TWO homes in one. I failed to mention this was done in weeks time, and the outcome is straight out of a magazine!  At the very end of their home renovation (literally the days before the Costola’s Stylized Holiday Sessions), I was asked and honored to come over and decorate their Christmas Tree and help with some final touches. It felt like family – making cookies, walking in my socks with Andie & Tony’s moms, and decorating a beautiful Christmas tree with Tony’s little brother. 

You know guys, I love watching Andie & Tony at work in their element, doing their thing! The two of them are truly talented individuals! Anyone who has had their photos taken by them know the quality and genuine kindness these two offer. They go over and beyond for their family, friends, and their clients!  Had a great opportunity to watch and assist Andie & Tony as they hosted a mentor session with Marie (Costola’s associate wedding photographer). This was so cool, there was a mock Bride and Groom, stunning flowers, and a white vintage ROLLS ROYCE! It rained so hard during one point of the session, but the energy was so good everyone had a smile on their faces. My husband and I had Costola capture our family this fall portraits and celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Our photos are something I will CHERISH for many years to come, we look like one of those fairytale families and we felt like one that day. 

As I end my fall internship of 2018, here are a few things to for anyone who is (and should) apply for the next Costola intern positions. 

1) On cold weather shoots, dress in layers! 

2) Be Yourself! Andie and Tony are the most supportive people you’ll meet. 

3) You will be taught lots of fun softwares, and websites that will improve your photography business and your everyday life. 

4) Ask questions, and invest in your education! It is important to invest in yourself and stay up with new photography and business techniques.

5) Prepare to make friends for life with Andie, Tony, and the entire Costola Family. 

Thank you Andie & Tony for this incredible opportunity and honor of being your 2018 Fall Costola Intern! I feel more confident as a photographer and a business owner. Looking forward to using my knowledge and experience in the New Year of 2019! 

Best wishes,


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