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I'm a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go. This journal is a peek into my personal life, tips and tricks as well as highlights from weddings and sessions that we design and document.

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National Portrait Gallery Wedding

private estate wedding

Eastern Shore family Session

Monday Mercies

Signs and Wonders

Monday Mercies Happy Monday!! We’re back again and continuing to talk about miracles! Faith requires faith. If we do not believe that God can move mountains and that God can perform miracles, then we will not see them! So first, we need to surrender to Him in order to see His work. When we think […]


Monday Mercies

Miracles & The Book of Acts

Monday Mercies Happy Monday! Today we’re talking about MIRACLES!!! Yes! The magic of Jesus Christ! So what is a miracle? It’s when the super natural intersects the natural. When the natural is interrupted with something that science can not explain.  If we believe in God, we believe in a being that is removed from the […]


Monday Mercies

Ephesians | Chapter 6

Monday Mercies Happy Monday! This week’s Monday Mercies is dealing with a little bit of a sensitive topic – getting into heaven. The ULTRA LUX EXCLUSIVE CLUB that we all want to get into to – am I right? Contrary to popular believe, you can’t just live like the devil and think you’re going to […]


Monday Mercies

And That’s The Gospel Truth

Monday Mercies What the heck is “The Gospel”? I’ve heard it all the time growing up. Heck, it’s the first thing I think about when I think about the Disney movie, Hercules. The little ladies on the Grecian vases singing at the top of their lungs, “And thaaaaattt’ss the Gossspeelll truuuuuuuuth.” I’m attaching this video […]


Monday Mercies

Easter Sunday

Monday Mercies Happy Monday, friends! I hope you were able to enjoy Easter with your family yesterday, in whatever form that looked like. For us, we were able to eat with our small family outdoors on the back deck. It was a slow paced day (that we normally do not have between running around to […]


Monday Mercies

Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday! This week’s Monday Mercies is coming out of Luke, Chapter 19. We all know the scene – it’s when Jesus rides to Jerusalem on the back of a donkey and everyone is laying down their clothes on the ground before him like a red carpet. But let’s break this down a […]



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Portrait Sessions can be stressful, but if you arrive with a few tricks in your bag, you’ll come away with portraits that perfectly capture what family is all about.

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