April 6, 2017

We were honored to be asked to review Sleeklens.com‘s Forever Thine wedding workflow this week. We try to always get our photographs right in camera instead of over editing in post process, so minimal edits were needed for these edits that you are about to see. Mainly, we try to edit our photos to look like the back of our camera LCD screen (which is a JPEG version of the raw file) with a few temperature adjustments. A one size fits all preset will never exist, as there are always different lighting conditions to contend with, some images are underexposed, some are perfectly exposed, and some are overexposed. Some are backlit, high key, or low key. Additionally venues and dresses, and even different couples, lend themselves better to different editing styles (more contrast, or less, warmer, or cooler tones, natural light vs. flash, etc). So we like to have several different presets in our Lightroom Presets to give us a good starting base before we go in each picture with more specific adjustments.
We found that "Morning Coffee" – how ironic – is our best fit for a base and then from there we work off of each layer based on what each photo needed. Some were more blue, some were more contrasted, etc. They also come with brushes that you can use to create more edits in specific areas of the photo after you have done your global edits. It was extremely difficult to get the image to match our exact editing style (which we have created our own preset for this), so we kind of gave up on that – it took too long and wasn’t saving us time, which is the whole point of using a preset. But we did use the presets to come up with some stunning edits regardless – just not to our exact style! These presets would be great for someone who doesn’t have an exact style of editing quite yet and can be used to create a great workflow.
Below are examples that we took from Brooke & Eric’s elopement in Las Vegas. We even tried out one of the black and white presets which we actually really love! Underneath each before and after is a description of what we used from Sleeklen’s Forever Thine Wedding Workflow so that you can see what we did. The first photo of each series is our raw image straight out of camera and the second image is photograph with the presets applied.

70MM f2.8 ISO640 1/2000
Morning Coffee – Exposure +1 – Reduce Green Tone – Sunny Vibe – Sharpen – Shiny & Bright Brush Applied

85MM f2.8 ISO160 1/320
Morning Coffee – Close Shadows – Reduce Blue Tone – Sunny Vibe – Sharpen – Shiny & Bright Brush Applied

85MM f2.8 ISO1000 1/160
Black & White Clean
If you would like the links to any of these downloads, please use the following links!
Sleeklens Lightroom Presets Pinterest | https://www.pinterest.com/sleeklens/lightroom-presets/

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