The Ingagliatos

Our Second Trimester Update

December 30, 2020

The Ingagliatos

I can’t believe we are already into our third trimester with our baby girl! Because of that, I wanted to share an update on how our second trimester went – things that I have been using and LOVING, symptoms, all the things!

The Gender and Name Reveal

On October 19th, we revealed on our Instagram that we are having a baby GIRL! We have decided to name her Ava Jo. We knew that with a last name like “Ingagliato,” we had to be kind to our sweet babe and give her a classic but short first and middle name. Tony and I had chosen the name “Ava” for our first girl back when we were dating, but the middle name came from my side of the family. “Joseph” is a family name that is ALL OVER my side of the family and it’s also my mom’s middle name, so we wanted to pass down that tradition with Ava Jo. It’s so cute – Tony literally calls her “Ava Jo” like it’s her full name. I think it will be sweet if he keeps that up and it can be something special that only her daddy calls her. I can’t wait to see Tony be a dad!!

An Update In Pictures

Second Trimester Must Haves

Now let’s talk about my Must Haves for the second trimester!

  1. Wedge Pillow: This wedge pillow has been a LIFE SAVER. Because I have been experiencing so much acid reflux, it used to wake me up in the middle of night, multiple times. This wedge pillow helps me sleep at an incline (with the combination of my pregnancy pillow that I mentioned in my first trimester update) and it has helped me sleep much better. Now the only issue I really still face is the hip pain because I’m so used to sleeping on my stomach!
  2. Papaya Digestive Enzymes: Once again, that indigestion and acid reflux… these papaya enzymes are a safer and more natural alternative to Tums. Although Tums are safe to use during pregnancy, you don’t want to overdo it because of the amount of calcium that is in them. If you have too much calcium, it ends up as deposits in your placenta and can cause your placenta to be calcified and may even cause an early rupture of your membranes and preterm labor. And honestly, these papaya enzymes had a better resolution to my acid issues than Tums did anyway, so for me, switching was a win-win!
  3. Massager for Back & Neck with Heat: The only other negative symptom I have experienced has been back pain, but it’s nothing that this little guy hasn’t been able to help with! I actually bought this last year to help with my back pain after wedding days, but it has come in handy on the DAILY since I have been experiencing back pain during pregnancy. It is literally heaven on earth and I actually got it to give to our family for our Christmas exchange party because I love it so much!
  4. 3 in 1 Maternity Coat from Modern Eternity: Yall. I wasn’t going to get a new coat but I’m SO GLAD that I did. This 3 in 1 maternity coat from Modern Eternity is the best thing since sliced bread. Not only could I wear it without the panel when my bump was small, but now I have added the center panel in to accommodated my ever-growing bump. AND THEN, once Ava arrives, I can flip the panel upside down and it’s a baby wearing jacket! The fur trim is detachable, I got it in black to match everything, it’s warm, it’s the best thing ever. With Ava’s due date being in March, I’m so happy I got this. PLUS, I actually found it on Poshmark for $85 instead of buying it new for $170!
  5. Anything Blanqi Pregnancy Wear: I will start this out by saying that their maternity leggings are LIFE. They are supportive, shaping, they don’t fall down (something I have had an issue with pretty much any and all other maternity leggings) and just all around comfortable. They go all the way up to your bra band and I’m a huge fan of that. I also ordered their maternity tanks and I love the support that they give as well. The white tank is a little see-through, so you will have to wear a bra under that (which I was hoping not to do), but that’s truly the only thing I can complain about. I’m excited to wear their postpartum leggings once Ava arrives and I can give you a review on that as well!
  6. Other Places I love to shop for Maternity wear:
  7. Other Resources I have loved:
    • Anything Mama Natural (we’re currently taking her birth classes)
    • Babylist (who we are using for our baby registry – you can create a registry and add items from anything that you find on the internet, not limiting you to just one place)
    • The Bump App – easily my favorite app out of the million that I’ve downloaded to learn what my baby is doing this week, what her size is, what my body is doing, etc.
    • Gentle Birth App – I am a huge fan of meditation, so when my doula suggested that I download this app, I did it immediately. It is completely focused on bonding with your baby and preparing your mental state for birth! I do this when I have time during the day and I especially do it at night while I’m laying in bed.

Stay tuned in a couple months for our third trimester update! Let me know if you have any questions that I didn’t answer here and be sure to follow along on my personal Instagram!

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