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Our First Bridal Show!

July 12, 2018

Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zone

Last night we attended our first bridal show! Now, this was more of an open house event hosted by the BEAUTIFUL Historic Londontown and Gardens, but for us, this was our idea of a bridal show and let’s just say that there are a few things that we wished that we had done differently. But life is all about learning and adapting so that you can be better prepared for the next go around! This post is going to be VERY honest with our view of what it was like for us!

First, we wanted to show you what we DID do. Since this was our first show, we had no idea what to expect, so we brought the following:

  1. A white table cloth
  2. Some biscotti!
  3. A cake stand for said biscotti
  4. Some blue cheese cloth runners to add that pop of Costola blue!
  5. The albums that we offer in all different sizes and color variety
  6. Our custom album box
  7. An IPad with our portfolio work on a repeating slideshow
  8. A journal to write interested couple’s information in

Our First Bridal Show Historic Londontown and Garden Open House Our First Bridal Show Historic Londontown and Garden Open House Our First Bridal Show Historic Londontown and Garden Open House Our First Bridal Show Historic Londontown and Garden Open House Our First Bridal Show Historic Londontown and Garden Open House

Now, what we would CHANGE.

  1. Instead of a journal, we should have made branded postcards for each couple to write their information on. Luckily, we met the adorable Kate from Floret + Vine who was at the table next to us, and she had brought so many that she let us have some for us to use! She clearly was not a newbie and knew what she was doing.
  2. We would have brought bottles of water. The venue did not supply any water for us to drink, and with Tony coming straight from work, with set up starting an hour before, outside in a tent, we were parched.
  3. Boxes to elevate our albums and treats would have been wonderful! It is definitely more eye catching to have different levels on your table, instead of everything being on one plane.
  4. I would have LOVED some fresh flowers for our decor. This may just have stood out to us because Kate’s table had a GORGEOUS centerpiece (masterpiece), and I had floral envy, but a small one would have given our table some LIFE!

Final thoughts : We LOVED being able to network with some wedding vendors that we don’t usually get to work with. We met amazing business owners and that was so fun! We also met a few couples that we totally vibed with and could potentially be #CostolaCouples! What we DIDN’T like is that because the couples feel the need to visit all of the tables, we obviously don’t have the quality time to chat with each one and get to know them. Standing at a table with our work on display just felt… sales pitchy? Tony and I have NEVER been the ones to pitch our work to couples. Our couples are usually people who have followed us for months or even YEARS and they want to be a part of our family because they see the loyalty and care that we give all of our brides and grooms. It’s hard to show that to a couple in a 3 minute conversation, nor do I even think that it is possible, at least not for me!

It was hilarious because sometimes after a couple would leave our table, Tony would just look at me and say “I didn’t realize you could be so awkward!” But that’s because I FELT awkward. I know so many amazing and talented photographers go to bridal shows, HUGE bridal shows, and they KILL it! They book 5-10 weddings just off of one show! I just felt like those weird street corner sales people who try to get you to buy tickets to take a ride on their tour bus, and it probably showed!

Would we do this show again? YES! I think it’s a wonderful thing to network with others and when a venue offers you a table at their show, you take it! It’s a huge honor and who knows – maybe one of those couple’s saw through my awkwardness and thought “hey, these two look like they could be cool people.” And what a blessing would that be! We would have never added this couple to our family if we hadn’t taken a chance and stepped out of our comfort zone!

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” – Brian Tracy

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