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Our Bathroom Renovations

Sep 12, 2019

Costola Cottage

This has been a long time coming – our series of home renovation blog posts! The house still has some things that I would like to add (built-ins here and there, etc.) but the rooms that are finished, I will be sharing with you! First up – the bathroom renovations. Here’s a before photo of our bathroom…

There was nothing wrong with the way that the bathroom was before. But we needed to replace the flooring throughout the entire house to get rid of carpet so we extended our new flooring into the bathrooms as well. Another issue we ran into was that there was a tub and Tony and I needed a shower. There also was very little storage with the sinks being pedestal style. So here we reveal the after! Make sure you scroll to the bottom for any links and details about where we purchased certain things!


For the bathroom vanity, I had seen gorgeous double vanities that resembled dressers. I thought this would be PERFECT! But they were over $5k and we were on a budget. So I bought a dresser for $100 off of Facebook Market Place, painted it white, added these Wood & Marble Handles by Anthropologie and Tony added some legs to it to give it some height off of the floor. Then Tony installed these Marble Sinks with Faucet . On the vanity we have this Marble & Gold Tray to organize our things that we use daily. The mirrors were also a Facebook Marketplace find for $50 total. These are the Wall Sconce‘s that Tony installed.


For the shower, we had our tile guy come in and build us a shower that took up the same space that the tub took before. The Teak Bench was a necessity because there is no place to put your leg when you’re shaving haha! We added this Flower Pot in Shower to hid any ugly things that couldn’t fit on the shelf. Tony did have to drill holes in the bottom to drain water – the whole point of buying the flower pot was because I thought it would already HAVE holes, but this one did not. A Squeegie was necessary as well to keep the shower glass from getting all gross. I used these Clear Shampoo Refillable Bottles to keep the shower from looking junkie. It really does make a difference when all of your bottles match! These are our shower heads/jets.

Toilet Closet

We didn’t do much in here! Just added some Over the toilet hanging shelves and decorated it with these Small Brown Baskets, a Miss Meyer’s Candle, and some Faux Succulents.

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