The Ingagliatos

Our 2020 Goals for Wedding Photography

January 1, 2020

The Ingagliatos

Our 2019 Goals in Review

Happy New Year!! It’s that time of the year – you know, the goal setting time. Actually, scratch that. Let’s use another word other than “goal”. Goals tend to be forgotten about 3 months into the year. They become more so “dreams” and less tangible. Let’s create some VISIONS for 2020! What do you visualize when you think of your optimal self? For us, it’s better to create a visualization for where we want to be in 12 months rather than just a list of bucket list items (although these are also fun to cross off when you can, so we do include a few). It’s about seeing a direct path and planning accordingly so that you purposefully get where you want to be, not because you just happened to stumble there after putting in some effort every couple of months. But before we get to our 2020 visions, let’s go over our 2019 goals see what we made possible, what did not make possible, what changed in our priorities and what we need to really focus on if we want it to happen in 2020.

  1. Volunteer for a small church position
  2. Become involved in a small group at church
  3. Read the bible!!
  4. Continue deeper communication with our friends and family
  5. Host 1 giveaway a month on IG to give back to our family who loves and supports us!
  6. Publish a youtube video once a week – either beauty, photography, or personal
  7. Have our work published on the cover of a magazine
  8. Host a workshop
  9. Switch our meals to be more plant based
  10. Prepare my body to be the best home for future Baby Ingagliato! 😀
  11. Connect more with other wedding vendors in our area including Washington D.C.
  12. Have a substantial savings, checking, and business account
  13. Continue to make our marriage strong, happy, joyful, inspiring, and loving
  14. Document our lives in PRINT – create albums for our travels and accomplishments
  15. Add two more interns to our family
  16. Attend two Mastermind Retreats
  17. Photograph a wedding for 2019 or 2020 in Europe!
  18. Add 15 #CostolaCouples to our family for 2020

Even if you don’t complete the “goals” that you first planned for yourself, it doesn’t mean you didn’t accomplish other super awesome stuff that may have been even bigger and better than your actual goals! Now, on to next year…

Our 2020 Visions

  1. Launch an Online Print Shop
  2. Network with more local & D.C. vendors
  3. Sell our travel prints in a local boutique
  4. Welcome 15 new #CostolaCouples for 2020 (we’ve already almost accomplished this! We are accepting ONE MORE WEDDING and we are booked for the year!)
  5. Photograph an elopement or wedding in Europe
  6. Host a retreat with my best friend (follow @crescitawellness on Instagram to see this vision come to life!)
  7. Reach 10,000 followers on Instagram
  8. Publish a video on Youtube once a month
  9. Be featured on the cover of a magazine
  10. Sell our presets online!
  11. Plan an editorial shoot
  12. Host our annual Galentine’s Day Party
  13. Attend a marriage retreat
  14. Attend a mission trip (local)
  15. Read 24 books
  16. Visit Germany & Italy
  17. Attend Engage Summit
  18. Attend two Mastermind Meet Ups
  19. Spend more time with family & friends

Phew! That may sound like a lot but we’re dreamers and doers and 2019 is going to be the best year yet! Can’t wait to be back at this same seat 365 days from now, crossing off all 19!

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