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New Year, New Goals

January 4, 2019


Anyone else feel like 2018 flew by?! Every year I am amazed at how quickly 365 days pass by. Luckily, I will still able to complete or make some serious progress on my goals for last year and it has motivated me for this year’s goals! For some reason, I hate the word resolution, so I always call them goals…I am someone who is more likely to work toward a goal than stick to a resolution.

Back in November, I bought Powersheets from Cultivate WhatMatters for the first time and they are seriously life changing!If you have never tried them, I highly recommend checking them out and maybe even purchasing them to get to work on for 2019. Honestly, I have not finished all my prep/goal setting work in them yet, but I will have it done by the 15th of this month (my first goal of 2019!).

Something Powersheets encourages you to do is pick a word for the year. After reflecting on how quickly 2018 passed by and how many things and people I missed out on because I was busy or distracted, I chose the word intentional. I want to intentionally spend time with Daniel,make my friends a priority, build my business, and love on all my couples. It seems like I am always too preoccupied with responding to messages, checking my phone, and making plans in my head to truly enjoy the moment I am in and the people I am with. I am hoping that one year from now, I will be looking back on 2019 and am thankful for the extra time it took to be intentional about what matters to me.

Some things I am going to do to make my 2019 intentional are…

  1. Put down my phone.
  2. Take days completely off.
  3. Watch less Netflix.
  4. Spend money on experiences more than possessions.
  5. Take imperfect photos.

What are your goals for 2019? Do you have a word for your year?

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  1. Styckie says:

    Its true, we also feel like some fine moments just passed by, and now here we are with a new year 2019, a new beginning. Best wishes to all for this year.

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