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It’s Marie’s Birthday! Time for a Celebration!

March 3, 2019

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As of today, I am officially 23! If you know me or follow me on social media, you know that I am a pretty big fan of celebration. I always say, I’m a professional celebrator! If you think about it, that’s really what I do as a wedding photographer. And it’s AWESOME.

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Igo big when celebrating other people, and I also go big when I’mcelebrating myself! It’s something that has always been part of mypersonality. Growing up, my mom had to put a limit on how early I wasallowed to start planning my birthday parties because I would talk toher about ideas six months before my actual birthday! As I got intomy late teens, I started to feel silly for wanting to celebrate mybirthday. People kept telling me that only kids have birthday partiesand that part of ‘growing up’ and ‘maturing’ was letting go ofbirthday celebrations. I began to think that wanting to do somethingfor my birthday was selfish, arrogant, and childish. 


Inthe past two years I’ve taken my girl TaySwift’s advice becausehaters gonna hate y’all! I just got to shake it off! Celebrating is abig part of who I am. I know that God made me an energetic, bubbly,celebrator and I’m not ashamed! My favorite part of being aphotographer is getting to be there to be happy with families in thebiggest milestones of their lives. Whether is a wedding, a new baby,an anniversary, or a graduation, I get to not only help themcelebrate but help them remember it! I truly believe there are somany things worth celebrating and we can get so caught up in whatother people think of us that we hold back our happiness.

Soin honor of my birthday, a day that I think should be verycelebrated, I am listing 23 things that are also worthy ofcelebration!

  1. YOUR BIRTHDAY. Obviously.
  2. Your children’s’ birthdays
  3. High school graduations
  4. Accomplishing your goals
  5. A promotion
  6. Buying a house or condo
  7. Cleaning out your closet
  8. College graduations
  9. Your friends’ birthdays
  10. National holidays (Christmas, New Years, July 4th, etc)
  11. Your wedding anniversary
  12. Your kids losing their first teeth…or any teeth!
  13. High school graduations
  14. Any other anniversaries in your relationship with your significant other (day of first date, day of first kiss, day of proposal, always celebrate your love!)
  15. The day you get baptized or put your faith in Jesus
  16. Opening or starting your business
  17. Cleaning your whole house
  18. Your friends’ accomplishments (completing 300 barre classes, getting a promotion, finishing a diet/workout goal, etc)
  19. Finishing a book you’ve been reading for a while
  20. Your kids’ academic achievements
  21. Your PARENTS birthdays
  22. Washing, drying, and folding the laundry all in one day
  23. Your half birthday 🙂

Andone bonus one because WHY NOT CELEBRATE MORE?!

24. Celebrate whenever you are proud of yourself!

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Needlessto say, I think my birthday is a pretty big deal and I am notashamed. I think everyone’s birthday is a pretty big deal! Thank youto all the people who have celebrated with me in the past on thisday, especially my family who has always encouraged my celebration.Happy birthday to me and all the other March babies out there!

What’s something that you celebrate? How do you like to celebrate? Share all the celebration with me y’all!

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