Education Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to totally own who you are. In a world that’s increasingly digital, your personal brand is what tells people who you are, what you do, and what makes you worth caring about. Here’s a step-by-step checklist to create your personal brand and help people discover the real you. […]

Personal Branding Photography for Entrepreneurs by Costola Photography


Education Hey y’all! This is a quick tutorial on how to make adjustments with our Costola LR Mobile Presets because not every image that you take will be a one click solution given the lighting situation and if the image is properly exposed or not. so I wanted to show you a variety of lighting […]

Before and After Lightroom Mobile Presets by Costola Photography


Education This tutorial will teach you to install Lightroom Mobile presets into the app, without using the desktop version at all. You will also be able to save them as presets and apply them with one click. If you already have the desktop version of Lightroom (to subscribe to Lightroom Desktop click here), you can […]

Instructions on How to Install Mobile Lightroom Presets by Costola Photography


Youtube Series Today we are talking about Masterminds! What is a mastermind? Why do I love my Mastermind so much? Should you be in one? What are the benefits? Watch the latest Youtube video to find out!


5 Tips for a Stress Free Portrait Session

Excited for your portrait session?! We send guides to our couples in the mail (a 70+ page book!) to prepare them for their engagement session. Here's some tips!

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