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I'm a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go. This journal is a peek into my personal life, tips and tricks as well as highlights from weddings and sessions that we design and document.

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Modern DC Engagement

National Portrait Gallery Wedding

private estate wedding

Eastern Shore family Session


A Beautiful Wedding at the National Portrait Gallery

A Beautiful Wedding at the National Portrait Gallery Nora & Ian Venue | NPG Kogod Courtyard  Wedding Photographer | Costola Photography Wedding Coordinator | A. Dominick Events Florist | Amaryllis Makeup Artist | MAB Artistry Hair Stylist | MAB Artistry Videographer | Monachetti Band | Elan Artists / The Revels Band



Poolside Anniversary Session

Amanda & Michael’s Hamptons Inspired Anniversary Session Join us as we dive into the sun-soaked world of Amanda and Michael’s poolside anniversary session, a Hamptons-inspired dream come true. This charming couple celebrated their love in style, and we were fortunate to capture the magic of their special day. Amanda and Michael’s choice for a their […]


Tips & Tricks

6 Ways to Always Look Fantastic in Photos

6 Ways to Always Look Fantastic in Photos From school yearbooks to friends’ weddings, we’ve all been in front of camera at some point or another and if you’ve recently looked at a photo with disdain then this post’s for you. If you know that you’re going to have a lens pointed in your direction […]



Virginia Lake Engagement Session

Archer & Zach’s Virginia Lake Engagement Session Archer and Zach’s unforgettable lake engagement session showcases the enchanting blend of nature and love. Immerse yourself in a love story that unfolds amidst the breathtaking beauty of Virginia Lake, creating a setting that is nothing short of magical. Virginia Lake provides the perfect backdrop. It boasted serene […]



This Family Session Proves That Matching Outfits Can Be Chic

Chic Family Session in Their Matching Outfits When it comes to family portraits, the idea of “matching outfits” might conjure up images of overly coordinated ensembles that lack personality and style. But, as we discovered during Brooke Good’s family session at Costola Studio, matching outfits can be incredibly chic and a fabulous way to capture […]



Golden Locket Family Session

Lauren & Dennis’ Golden Locket Session: A Timeless Keepsake In the heart of the Costola Studio, we had the privilege of witnessing a heartwarming and playful family session that will undoubtedly leave you with a smile. Lauren and Dennis, joined by their two young daughters, embarked on a delightful Golden Locket Family Session, where love […]



This Couple Incorporated Their Dog Into Their Portrait Session

Rachel & Kyle’s Portrait Session with Their Furry Friend Rachel and Kyle, accompanied by their beloved canine companion, embarked on a special Golden Locket Couple Dog Portrait Session. They showcased the depth of their love, not only for each other but also for their four-legged family member. Rachel and Kyle’s journey of love is beautifully […]



         tips for a stress free session

Portrait Sessions can be stressful, but if you arrive with a few tricks in your bag, you’ll come away with portraits that perfectly capture what family is all about.

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