A Belvedere Wedding In Downtown Baltimore

March 20, 2017

Korey & Chad

What a way to start off our spring wedding season! Yesterday, we drove up to Baltimore to the ever famous Belvedere wedding Hotel in Baltimore to photograph Korey and Chad’s big day! Korey is the marketing and advertising coordinator at the Belvedere, so we were beyond honored and amazed when she told us that she had to have US be her photographers given how many photographers work she has seen!
We asked Korey what she loved most about Chad and she said, “Where do I even begin about Chad? First of all, my dad set us up, except for that he set me up with Chad’s best friend and Chad happened to end up being the one I fell for. We all were on a trip in Boston, and Chad’s friend Jesse is a girl’s ideal man, he’s very tall, athletic, young, (has a ton of money haha), but as the trip went on I fell for the shorter, but still adorable, funny, personable Chad. He truly is the most kind and positive person I have ever met. In our relationship, he has seen me grow from a “I don’t know what I am doing with my life” hot mess 20 something year old right out of college to an established, stable adult. Throughout everything, we still love being around each other, still laugh at each other, and still find things we love about each other.”

One thing that we love about Korey and Chad is that they have been through a lot and when everything goes bad, they still find ways to laugh through their situation, no matter what it may be. They truly communicate throughout everything and are always on the same page in the end (especially if they weren’t in the beginning). One word that describes them as a couple? Easy. It’s easy to be best friends. It’s easy to find things to talk about and find things in common. Its just easy to be all the things you need to be in a relationship. Where she lacks, he picks up. Where he lacks, she’s got it. It’s just so easy to be understanding, patient and to be in love with each other!

 Enjoy the rest of our favorites from yesterday at The Belvedere & Co.!

 How stunning is this reception?!

To say it was a great night would be a huge understatement. Congratulations Korey and Chad! Thank you for letting us in on such a magical night!
Venue |  The Belvedere & Co. & The Owl Bar
DJ | Sean at MyDeejay
Florals | Floral Impressions
Cake & Cupcakes | Enchanted Cakes and Treats

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