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October 12, 2018

Associate Wedding Photographer – Marie!

Y’all!! We can not even put into words how excited we are about this huge announcement! Today, we’d like you to meet Marie Medina, our new Associate Wedding Photographer!

Marie is an amazing woman with crazy awesome talent. We have spent enough time with her to realize what a gift it is to have her! She is an incredible photographer and has one of the kindest hearts you’ll ever met.

She loves showing people Jesus.

Chocolate and Country Music is her jam.

She’s kind of a neat freak – just like me.

Over these past few years, Costola Photography has experienced incredible growth. We have had to turn down numerous weddings on a regular basis because we were already booked, or because we had already maxed out at 25 weddings/year. After a lot of talk, prayer, and time, Tony and I realized that maybe one day we would like to think about adding another team member to the Costola family. However, this person had to embody the core values that we made sure every move we make with Costola follows – go above and beyond to serve our couples,  kind, compassionate, a joy to be around, someone who could make a couple’s wedding day experience BETTER and EASIER, and someone who loves Jesus with their whole heart. All of that on top of being extremely skilled with light, posing, locations, etc.

This was not a person that we thought we would ever find. So we continued to turn away couples. Flash back a few years ago – Marie came into our lives in 2016 when she hired us as her wedding photographers! She was so bubbly and her happiness was infectious! We bonded immediately and would chat about camera gear often because Marie was very interested in photography. She graduated from college, started a job, married the love of her life, but continued to grow in her photography career. This year, she was one of our first mentor students and we were SHOCKED with her results from just one mentor class with us. With some training and team building, we knew we could comfortably and confidently make the jump from being a “husband and wife” team only, to having a team of associate photographers as well with Marie. This is going to allow us as a studio to serve MORE couples on their wedding days with varying budgets, while delivering the same quality and style of photography!

Marie is now accepting weddings for 2019 and 2020. 

Associate Wedding Photographer Collections begin at $2800.

For more information regarding booking Marie, please contact us through our contact page at the top of the website.

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At home near the sea. Ever-focused on beauty and the thrilling art of creation; found in the moments that leave me breathless and in awe. 

After 15 years of capturing couples and families during the most precious times of their lives, she can truly say that this is exactly where she is meant to be. When she isn't photographing weddings, Andie enjoys the outdoors alongside her husband, Tony and daughters, Ava & Audrey.




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