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10 Travel Necessities For Our Italian Honeymoon

January 21, 2017

I think my best friend’s heart stopped beating when I told her that all that Tony and I were bringing on our 10 day honeymoon were two backpacks. “How are you fitting everything into a backpack?!” — That’s for another post later next week.

Today,  I wanted to share with you some absolute necessities that made our honeymoon easy as pie – pizza pie that is!




Obviously, this was a no brainer. Tony and I both love our Canon 6Ds. They do everything that we need it to, yeild beautiful results, and they have never given us any trouble. I’ve had mine for over 5 years now and it still runs like a champ. (Of course Tony is a gadget man and says that the 6D just won’t do and we have to have to newest and shinest Mark IV. I say, not until I get my puppy that I’ve been asking for a year now.) 🙂



Tony LOVES his watches. I even got him a watch for a wedding gift because I knew that it was the one thing he would always value. The thing that is most valuable about traveling internationally, is that sometimes (or always) you may not be able to use your phone because you are a penny pincher and refuse to pay Verizon that extra $10 a day to use international data. But, you still need to know what time it is because you need to make that cooking class on time that you signed up for! Jord Watches make sure cool wooden watches and you can even get them personalized with engravings! This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.



I’m not gonna lie, this one was a little bit of a selfish purchase for me. I had been wanting this Madewell Transport Totesince my college days and I just never had the money to splurge. It is perfect for travel! Goes with anything and fits all of your necessities in there. I had my laptop, Ipad, both cameras, a blanket, my passport wallet, chargers, chapstick, and phone all in here. Yes, it was heavy. But this puppy stood the test of hard travel and it still looks brand new, even after having someone like me stretch it to it’s limits and drag it all over Italy. Fun fact: you can even get your monogram on it, which I totally would have done with my new monogram if I hadn’t made such a last minute to treat myself. It takes an extra two weeks and I certainly didn’t have the time!



Tony and I LOVE to read. I downloaded 3 books onto my IPad Pro before our honeymoon, expecting to get through all of them. Of course, I did not because I slept on the planes most of the time, but it was nice to have the option there. Reading on the plane is the only thing that can keep my plane anxiety down. It distracts me from how terrible the turbulance is, and when I start to feel like my eyes need a break from reading, I can always use the Procreate app to work on some of my digital illustrations and calligraphy work! My favorite is of course the rose gold because it’s an adult version of pink, and I am of course, an adult.



I had always heard of Lush and I love all of their products, so I was suckered in to these Lush Shampoo Bars immediately after my traveling friend, Candace, had recommended them. The best part is that these are bars, so you don’t have to worry about TSA snatchin your shampoo from out of your carry on! They are organic and smell heavenly! They also left my hair feeling clean which can be hard to do when you have super thick hair like me.



Marissa, one of my bridemaids, gifted Tony and I this amazing travel adapter for a bridal shower gift! It’s amazing because it has tons of different ends  to fit into any country’s electrical outlets. This came in super handy because Italy’s outlets were different from England’s outlets (where we had an over night lay over) which of course were different than the good ol’ USA’s outlets. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to charge anything and I would have been a sad pup if I hadn’t been able to recharge my camera battery!



I like to really take care of my hair. I would say in the past year, I have only put heat to my hair on 50 days out of the entire year. I love letting it air dry, which usually takes all night and into the morning, but it keeps my ends super healthy and shiny! This leave in conditioner is AMAZING. Usually when I air dry my hair, my ends get a little crazy because I have a lot of wave to the ends of my hair. This conditioner makes it looks like I actually took a heat tool and purposefully make my hair look normal. It’s effortless and has tons of great things to keep your hair at it’s best. It was super convinient for the honeymoon because I couldn’t blow my hair if I wanted to with those sorry excuses that Europe claims are “blow dryers”. Tony could have dried my hair faster by blowing on it than those things did. Word to the wise, buy this stuff.



I love all things Kate Spade. Everything is so simple, yet classy, yet girly, yet trendy, I can’t get enough. So I was blown AWAY when my MOH, Haley, gifted Tony and I (mainly me) an entire bag full of Kate Spade wedding goodies including a his and hers wine glass and decanter set, a Just Married tee (which I wore on the way to and from Italy), a few other goodies, and most importantly this adorable Passport Case! I got a ton of compliments on it from the ladies at the check in counters. It was perfect because it had tons of space for ID cards, credit cards, money, and of course, the passport!



You can’t go backpacking across the world with a silly little backpack. You need a BACK PACK, ladies and gents. This is the mother of all backpacks. Patagonia is known for making quality products with a purpose, and this Cragsmith Backpack did not disappoint. The part that sold me was that the back panel unzips, making it easier to get to things in the bottom of your bag and more like a suitcase! We were able to fit 10 days work of goodies, clothes, and presents in this thing. Best purchase I made, by far. They have a ton of colors, so I got Tony the blue one that you see pictured here and I got myself a red one. They stand out from a mile away so you know that it will be hard for someone to steal.



Going across the ocean means looong flights. Tony and I flew overnight to get to Naples, and these memory foam neck pillows (along with a couple Zzzquil pills) saved the day. They were so comfortable, warm, and actually kept your head up. The best part is that because they are memory foam, they were able to be compressed flat to easily store into our backpacks when we weren’t using them! Snooze away, my travel friends!

. . . . .

What are some of your travel necessities? I would love to know! Tony and I’s next trip will be in the beginning of February when we travel to Las Vegas for the 2017 Wedding Photography and Portrait Conference and Expo. It would be nice to know how we can improve our traveling experience!


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