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Winter Wedding at Antrim 1844

Sally & Christi

These two. Want to meet some of the most caring, loving, kind, and silly women we know? Well, meet Sally & Christi. From the moment we first met, I knew I was going to love these two. They are HILARIOUS and actually really do finish each others sentences. They are “best friends” defined in the dictionary with their two beautiful faces next to the description. The thoughtfulness that they both show each other is incredible. Let me show you some examples from their winter wedding at Antrim 1844.

Before the wedding, I receieved an email from Christi stating the following (and yes, I totally copied and pasted this email because Christi is a far better story teller than I am with words) :

“Hey Andie and Tony,

So, I am quietly emailing you behind Sal’s back, which seems like a TERRIBLE way to start a wedding, but go with me on this journey.
So Sal’s dad passed away 9 years ago this past December. When Sal and I started talking about potentially doing a small gift exchange prior to the ceremony (you know where this is going) I started to look for something that was meaningful and would be something worth keeping around in the future.  Sally’s got her favorite picture of her and her dad on the dresser in our room so I stole it (because honesty is important) and I copied it (because integrity is also important) and I sent it to a woman who had it set into a locket.  I think it’s etched, or maybe its just the pic, I’m not very good at remembering things.  But, it is specifically designed to go through the loops on her left boot, so that the locket sits on the outside of her left side calf.  The idea is that in this way, he can still walk down the aisle with her.

She doesn’t know what it is, but she knows we’ve got a little gift exchange going on.  I think she thinks I got her new earrings. I’ll let her keep believing it.”

I MEAN. Are you kidding me?! Is that not the sweetest thing ever? They are not only super sweet to each other, but to everyone around them. They even gifted Tony and I a night at the bed and breakfast the night before the wedding so we could experience Antrim with them!

Sally & Christi have stayed at Antrim so many times, their goal is to stay at every house on the grounds! They had their first look in the secret garden on the far side of the property – a place where they shared some of their first memories at Antrim. We could see immediately why they fell in love with this place – we want to come back and stay when it’s warm!

A huge thank you to the following vendors who were so incredible to work with!

Venue | Antrim 1844

Coordinator | Katie Coon from Antrim 1844

Invitation Suite | Elli Invitations

Florist | Davinci Florist

Hair & Makeup Artist | Alison Harper and Company

DJ | Bryan George Music

Cake | Scouts Bake Shop


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