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What We Wear On A Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day Attire


Today’s topic of discussion – fashion! Well, not fashion in the sense that we’re here to make a statement, but fashion in the sense that we are here to 1. serve our clients well while making a great impression 2. looking more like family of the bride and groom and less like a server at your local Italian restaurant and 3. being COMFORTABLE on those long 10-12 hour wedding days! We’re talking about what we wear on a wedding day.

This totally differs for each wedding because one thing that we really strive to do is to look like we are family of the bride and groom. We like to dress like guests because then the guests seem to treat US more like family and less like hired help. It’s a weird phenomenon but it honestly makes a huge difference when you show up in a comfortable cocktail dress that you can work efficiently in instead of black pants, black shirt, and black shoes. Tony always wears nice comfortable dress-looking pants and a button up with a tie or a polo depending on the dress code for the wedding. We shoot a lot of more casual weddings where most of the guys who show up are in dress pants and a polo, so that’s what Tony wears as well. If it is a more formal affair, then we choose to wear something more formal!

Tony’s Attire

Tony LOVES these Under Armor Golf Pants. They come across as nice khakis but they have the stretchability of my favorite yoga pants. I’m pretty sure he feels like he’s in his PJs when he wears these pants because of how comfortable they are. This let’s him have great mobility and less of the whole wondering if his pants are gonna split mentality. He likes to pair these pants with a Ralph Lauren button up dress shirt, a tie, and sometimes a jacket depending on the dress code. For shoes – it’s always his Frye boots! These guys can take a beating and they still shine up like new after every wedding! Then of course we both always wear our Apple Watches to help us with the timeline and overall communication with each other during the wedding day.

photographer wedding day attire

Andie’s Attire

I like to wear dresses and jumpsuits on wedding days! If the wedding is VERY formal, I will bring a pair of heels for the ceremony and then I always have to change into flats for the reception and getting ready portions of the day. I just can’t move as fast in heels as I can in flats – not to mention I haven’t worn a pair of heels for longer than 2 hours at a time since college sorority formal recruitment and I don’t plan to do so for a VERY long time (or ever again if we’re being honest). Maxi dresses are always great because I never have to worry about a gust of wind blowing my dress up and giving me a Marilyn Monroe moment, but even if I do choose to wear a dress that is not a maxi dress, I ALWAYS wear spandex shorts under them because 9 out of 10 weddings, I’m on the ground to get that perfect shot! Pockets are a bonus, but I don’t require them! I wear minimal makeup… enough that I look put together, but not like a dripping hot mess at the end of the day. (Although sometimes it is inevitable! Hello 100 degree days this summer!) What I wear for every wedding: concealer around my eyes, a neutral eyeshadow, waterproof mascara, and blush. I used to wear eyeliner but found that I just end up looking like a hot mess by the end of the day because I’m squinting behind the camera/sweating/crying (happy tears) – so I stopped wearing it. For fall and winter weddings I wear tights with my dresses, and throw a cardigan over my dress if it doesn’t have long sleeves. (In case I get hot I can take it off indoors, because I tend to get warm when shooting – so this helps!)

photographer wedding day attire


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