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A Trip To DuCard Vineyards

May 21, 2016

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Not only was it Mother’s Day and we got to spend the night at my mom’s, wake up and have breakfast with her, but then Tony and I headed off to the Blue Ridge Mountains for our engagement session with Molly Lichten (look for a feature post on her in the next couple weeks)!

Skyline Drive is about 3 hours away from our little home in Southern Maryland, so we decided to make the most out of it by stopping by one of the local beautiful vineyards. Ducard Vineyards is beyond stunning. It’s hidden in the valley of the mountains! Not only is it a looker, but the staff there was by far the friendliest and most accommodating people we have ever met on a wine tour. The man who gave us our tasting went by the name of Tom.

Tom hooked us up!! He told us the best place to sit on the patio; right beside a rolling creek and with plenty of view of the mountain range. We bought a cheese ball, a baguette, and a roll of salami – all made locally right there in the mountains. Tom warmed up our bread and our cheese ball to give that extra special yummy taste that only warm food can give.

While we were sitting there, enjoying our wine, a Jeep full of doggy’s came cruising up! FIVE DOGS, Y’ALL. They were a hit! Everyone kept coming up to the Jeep to see these fur babies. I had to obviously come say hello as well.

I can’t wait to show y’all Molly’s work. She is really amazing at what she does! Here’s a little sneak peek of where we were shooting – we shot til the sun went down over the mountains. It was really a sight to see.




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