Bride & Groom

I was in my last semester of undergrad when Tony had asked me to dinner. I was getting my BFA in Photography and Film from VCU, just finishing up my senior thesis. I remember the crush I had on Tony in High School, seeing him in his athletics uniform, walking through the halls. I remember how shocked I was when he kissed me in his living room of the house we now live in, and how I still feel a little shock when he kisses me good morning each day.

I remember the first time Tony brought me to church, the first Easter together, and our first Christmas service together. I remember the salt water rushing over my face when we were baptized on our service trip to Haiti and took our first Holy Communion together there on the beach after being saved.

I remember our wedding day - seeing his tears fall down his face the first time he saw me in my wedding dress. I relive the vows we wrote to each other daily and flash back to that altar every time he holds my hands to rub histhumb across the lines of my palm.

Being wedding photographers together has been the biggest blessing that God could have given us. I still cry at every wedding we photograph because I know that our couples experience the same fire burning love for each other that Tony and I do. I cry tears of joy because Tony and I get to be the ones to capture the day that they vow to love each other forever in front of all of their closest friends and family.

We get to help preserve this moment, because after the cake and the decorations are gone, our photographs will still be there to remind them how they felt that day, how it felt to hold hands at the altar, that first kiss in the living room, that high school crush feeling, and that first winter dinner date in Washington. We are not just photographers, we are your personal story tellers.

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