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Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday! This week’s Monday Mercies is coming out of Luke, Chapter 19. We all know the scene – it’s when Jesus rides to Jerusalem on the back of a donkey and everyone is laying down their clothes on the ground before him like a red carpet. But let’s break this down a little bit.

Jesus tells his disciples to essentially steal a donkey from the nearby village, right in front of the donkey’s owner. Can you imagine this? Can you imagine Jesus, coming to you, and saying “hey, I really want you to go steal that Toyota Camry from that guy over there so I can ride to Jerusalem in it.” We would probably all take a second to think about it because it’s kind of an unusual thing for Jesus to ask – to take something that doesn’t belong to us. But really, he was asking the disciples to take that donkey because it already belongs to Jesus. Everything is God’s! So they trusted Jesus and acted immediately and took that donkey. God expects us to do things with the gifts that he gives us to bring him glory. How often has God asked you to do something and you hesitated? How often has God asked you to do something and you immediately listened? God asks is calling us to move every day through his word and in his love. Are you listening? I know most times, I’m not listening.

Pastor Mike had made a great point in this week’s sermon – so many Christians are too worried about making themselves better instead of making the world around them better, so we don’t listen and we do what WE think is the right move instead of what God is telling us to do! WOW, CAN I GET AN AMEN? I can totally relate! I overthink things so much and how I think I will look if I do something or how will so-and-so think about me if I do this, blah blah blah. Who cares?! The only person we should be worrying about is Jesus and what HE thinks! The faster we surrender to God, the more you prove that you moving into a life of his holiness. What if you moved without waiting? How many opportunities have you missed because you waited in the past?

As Jesus continues on his trip to Jerusalem, some Pharisees tell Jesus to quiet his disciples, but Jesus ignores them. Then, he starts to cry. Not because he knows what is about to happen this week, the fact that he is about to give his life for Jerusalem, but instead he cries at the thought that Jerusalem will suffer because of what will happen to them if they do not believe in God. Our God is GOOD. Our God is LOVING. And even during times of uncertainty (hellooooo COVID-19), God asks us to TRUST. What if we trusted God’s heart? There are moments that we do not understand where God is going and what he is doing. We may loose loved ones to illness or accidents and we just don’t understand how it’s fair. But God knows. He knows every thing about you and what you are going through. Can you trust Him? Can you listen to what he calling you to do? I am going to challenge you this week, during this quiet down time that we are forced to have, and try to listen to Him. It may be something uncomfortable that he wants you to do. Will you do it anyway and without hesitation? I challenge you to jump when he commands it – just try to stay six feet away from others when you do. 😉

I hope everyone is staying safe during these times! We can’t wait to finally huge people again. To listen to the full sermon, please visit New Life’s Youtube Channel linked below:


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