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Nehemiah | Chapter 4

Monday Mercies

Because we are in the midst of this whole COVID-19 madness, ALL of New Life’s services are held online. If your church doesn’t have the ability to watch your sermon’s online, I would highly recommend watching Pastor Mike’s sermon on the New Life youtube HERE! Today’s message is out of Nehemiah Chapter 4. All of the messages out of Nehemiah are stacked on top of one another, so make sure you read the past Monday Mercies (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

In the past sections of this message (mentioned above), we know that what we think about ourselves establishes our actions and our habits and then re-enforces what we think about ourselves. If we press the reset button on those thoughts, we can be what God wants us to be, and not what others have made us believe about ourselves.

There will be people who will try to make you believe that you are NOT a good person. That your reasoning behind doing certain things are not pure. Nehemiah was ridiculed when people heard that he was rebuilding the city. They said the wall he was building was weak, they tried to harm him, spread rumors that he was even plotting a revolt against the king who was the one who ordered him to build the wall in the first place! They tried to blackmail him with false accusations. People are JUST like this today. There are going to be jealous people who see the great things you are doing and they will try to separate you from your supporters. They will try to knock down your confidence and convince others that YOU’RE the problem! But please stay true to God’s will and know that that is not true.

When you work past all of the oppositions in your path, you will become a great leader! Nehemiah prays to God for help during this time and asked for strength to stay true to God’s plan and asked for his help because he KNOWS that GOD will provide! Nehemiah chooses to lead with God’s authority, power and integrity.

Pastor Mike made a great point in saying that there are NO stories in the bible that have no opposition. The bible was written as a love letter to us to show us through stories that we shouldn’t pray for it to be an easy ride down God’s path, but rather to pray for the strength that it will take to over come the challenges that are put in your way!


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