Monday Mercies

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Miracles & The Book of Acts

Monday Mercies

Happy Monday! Today we’re talking about MIRACLES!!! Yes! The magic of Jesus Christ! So what is a miracle? It’s when the super natural intersects the natural. When the natural is interrupted with something that science can not explain. 

If we believe in God, we believe in a being that is removed from the every day natural life. So we believe in a super natural being. That sounds crazy, but it’s true! 

Let’s look at the book of Acts. God performed miracles all throughout the book of Acts. People were brought back from the dead, healed from disease, healing people who can not walk, REAL miracles! The only chapters where miracles are NOT performed are chapters where the people’s eyes and hearts are not set on the power of God, but on every other thing – arguing about words, trying to perform miracles for their own selfishness instead of for the good of God, stealing God’s glory and trying to make it their own, and even causing division and lying about God’s people. 

If we are lacking miracles, what is holding them back? How can we put ourselves in a place to see miracles? God is not here for OUR glory, we are here for GOD’S glory! We need to be praying more than we ever have been, we need to be sacrificing something that is of value to us so that we may see the Spirit move and believing that God can and will do more through and around us!

Watch the full sermon from this weekend below. Pastor Mike always says it better than I can summarize. 


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