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We know that the blog has been SUPER quiet lately, but don’t you think for a second that we’ve gone to sleep on ya! We have been working our little tails off behind the scenes here at the studio, and BOY do we have some good things coming your way!! Not only have we welcomed TWO new 2019 Costola Bride and Grooms to the family, but we’ve been working on completing a few of our 2018 goals, right from the get go. Speaking of goals, we think that wedding planners and coordinators do NOT get the credit that they deserve on the wedding day! They are the magicians that make all of your wedding day goals come true!

We love working with our fellow vendors (which we lovingly refer to as FRIENDors), and we feel EXTRA blessed when they ask us to take their branding portraits for their updated head shots and marketing material!! Out of all of the photographers they could have chosen, they chose us! What’s even more special, is that in this amazing group of women, you will see TWO Costola Bride’s!!! Ah!! We love these ladies to the moon and back, and they are JUST what the doctor ordered for a flawless wedding planning experience!Hitched By Heather Branding Portraits Hitched By Heather Branding Portraits Hitched By Heather Branding Portraits Hitched By Heather Branding Portraits Hitched By Heather Branding Portraits

To view more branding portraits with our friendors, browse the links below!

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