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For 2018

ITS THE NEW YEAR!! We are so inspired to tackle our 2018 goals! With the help of Power Sheets by Lara Casey, we have completely changed the way that we look at our goals and what is most important for us to spend our time and energy on for this coming year. We are HUGE on accountability. Knowing that you have thrown your goals out into the universe is a good push for us to keep on track and accomplish what we have said that we would set out to do. That’s why we are making this post for all of the major goals that we want to achieve this year!

First, we started with jotting down all of our ideas for goals that we wanted to stick with this year. Things that included spenindg more time with family and friends, traveling, loving eachother with more intentionality, growing in our faith, being intentional in our business, getting in the best health of our lives, finishing up our home renovations, stop comparing ourselves to others, saving more money, and becoming more minimalistic in our lifestyles. We then took those goals and narrowed them down to our top nine goals for the year!

  1. Create Online resources for Costola
  2. Grow in our faith by having a closer relationship with Jesus Christ by reading the entire Bible in 2018!
  3. Be the healthiest we have ever been!
  4. Have a substancial savings, checking, and business account
  5. Make our marriage strong, happy, joyful, inspiring, and loving
  6. Makine our house a HOME!
  7. Show our friends and family that we love them with better communication
  8. Grow our Youtube Channel content
  9. Book 20 weddings for 2019

So, there you go universe! Hold it to us!

“You know all those things you always wanted to do? You should go do them.” – @laracasey

As 2017 came to an end last night, the two things we can say we are most thankful for is Jesus and eachother. We couldnt do this crazy life without one or the other. Cheers to the New Year!! Let’s do all the things!!


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