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It's safe to say that we all want to save time, money, and create stunning portraits. We've learned from the best of the best and a few things have really stood out that almost all of them do. Save time in your workflow, get rid of haze in your portraits, improve your natural lighting, and never misplace a photo again!

6 Photography Life Hacks


This workbook will help you get your dream business up and running with ease. It includes all of the requirements to hit the ground running and get your business headed in the right direction from the get-go!

Creativepreneur Workbook


Everything from client management, time management, social media planning, portrait sessions & meetings scheduling.. you name it!

Our Top Ten Apps, Websites, And Tools


So you want to know...what should you charge when selling your artwork as a photographer? We're sharing our steps on how to decide what to charge when starting a photography business, from our 10+ years of experience, dabbling in all different price ranges and structures!

How Much Should You Be Charging?


We understand how important it is to have multiple systems in place, especially when it comes to tasks which take up your time. Because so many of your emails are the same from client to client, our email templates help you speed up the process and make minimal changes for each client to make your workflow much simpler, faster, and easier!

20 Email Templates You Need To Succeed


When we first receive an inquiry from a bride and groom, we always want to make sure that we are going to be the best fit for them, and them for us! We recommend using these questions as you communicate with a potential bride & groom about their wedding day so that every details gets covered AND that they are your potential clients!

Wedding Inquiry Questionnaire


Need the perfect timeline for a wedding - with or without a first look? Use our guide for our ideal wedding timeline!

The Ideal Wedding Timeline


As a small business owner, understanding how the sales funnel works is crucial to how you think about selling your products to potential customers. This guide is your holy-grail to creating a sales funnel for your business to bring your business, more business!!

Make an Impact with Sales Funnels!


Wedding photography can be a real challenge, even for those who are already doing it professionally. Portraiture, still life photography, action shots, travel and landscape photography, and maybe even underwater shots. That said, it can be particularly difficult for beginners to cover their first few weddings seamlessly!

12 Wedding Day Tips for New Photographers


Smart photographers protect themselves from liability with a written agreement. Unless the expectations for both yourself and your clients are clearly laid out, there are bound to be misunderstandings. On the other hand, a well thought out contract will set both you and your clients at ease, making the entire process a more pleasant experience for everyone!

Our Wedding Contract Template


Questionnaires are one of the most important thing you can do before a wedding day! This tool will not only save you time since you won’t be making a ton of phone calls to gather info, but will help you see what is most important to your clients. We can’t tell you how much more prepared we feel by sending this out months in advance of a wedding day!

Wedding Day Questionnaire


From the minute you book a client to the last step in delivering their wedding images and album is called WORKFLOW, each step you take to ensure your client is taken care of and you’re staying on top of the necessary tasks. We're especially happy to include a workflow chart outlining where you are in each clients’ progress so you don’t feel disorganized or fall behind.

Wedding Workflow Checklist


We find it crazy that we might spend days or even months working on a piece of content, but we don’t give our About pages the TLC they deserve. Your About page is the soul of your site! And, while there’s no perfect recipe for success, there are certain elements that all winning About pages share and that you need to consider if you want to write a good one.

Create A Captivating "About Me" Page


Social media is an important component of any marketing strategy, but as a business owner, using it effectively isn't always easy. To benefit from social media, you need to build a clear strategy that takes into account what you're trying to achieve, who your customers are and what your competition is doing. Our guide provides you with a clear path to success.

Social Media Strategy


This mentoring session is designed to delve into the natural light portraits and editing. This is for beginners (those who are brand new to Lightroom) as well as those who have worked with Lightroom for years.

During this session we'll talk about your style or the style you are seeking. This will include a 30-45 minute portrait session with a model where we go over all of your camera settings, lenses, and how to find great light. Then we'll work in Lightroom where you'll see me edit images and answer your Lightroom questions.

Investment is $499


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This is consultation that be one to three hours depending upon your needs and is for both the beginner and those who want to make changes to their current businesses.

We will discuss your concerns and needs in this industry as a business owner. Topics range from Business Model Analysis, Pricing Structures, Marketing Strategies, Goal Setting, Client Relations, Branding & Packaging, Website review, etc. Additional custom branding and website design is available.

Investment is $249 Per Hour.


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We'll have discussions before hand to find out what your business and artistic needs are. The morning will be filled with whatever your business needs are so we aren't wasting time with things you already know. This can include Lightroom, a business review, a photo critique, etc.

You'll see how we work with our clients and we'll discuss technical aspects of your equipment as well as composition, lighting, posing, styling, client interactions, etc. 

Investment is $1499.


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My mentoring session with Andie was everything I could have hoped for. I learned about light, posing, editing, camera settings, and how to interact with clients. She really went above and beyond and taught me so much more than I expected! It downpoured during our session, but she was able to seamlessly work around that and didn't waste a second of my time. She continued to teach me and answer any questions I had even though we couldn't even have our cameras out!

My entire business changed as a result of my mentoring session with Costola Photography. The way I approach each session is different - I have way more confidence and know that I will be proud of the photos I take. I have a much better understanding of how light works, how to pose clients (even when you're drawing a blank and don't know what to do!), and how to cull and edit faster. Attending this session was priceless and I know will not only save me so much time in the future, but gave me the abilities to grow my business into what I dream it can be! Thank you so much to Andie and Tony for once again pulling out all the stops and knocking my socks off!

Real Student Galleries

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Real Student Galleries

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You could give to your family and to your community.

You could serve your clients with purpose and intention.

You could have freedom, flexibility, and joy in your photography business.

We understand how important it is to have multiple systems in place, especially when it comes to tasks which take up your time. Over the years, we have learned from the best (and a lot through trial and error) to find the best way to work efficiently with purpose and intentionality, freeing our schedule for more time with our friends and family.

What if you could run your photography business full-time, and never look back?



You could go on worrying about the future of your business.

You could live wedding to wedding or session to session to get by.

You could continue running your business with fear and anxiety.



You could give to your family and to your community.

You could serve your clients with purpose and intention.

You could have freedom, flexibility, and joy in your photography business.

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