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A Cedar Lakes Woods and Garden Proposal!

Jan 29, 2018

Jon & Hannah

YALL!! My best friend is ENGAGED!! So so happy to no longer keep this secret. I’m sure Jon is happy too!! Jon chose to propose in Florida for a Cedar Lakes Woods and Garden proposal on Wednesday. The gardens are actually closed on Wednesdays but Jon had contacted the woman who runs the gardens and she let us in at sunset with no one else there!!

Candace and I creeped into the gardens while it was still dark that morning, running around with a flashlight on our phones trying to find the perfect spot for us to hide and still be able to capture this magical moment. I ended up having to email Jon instead of texting him because Hannah was starting to get suspicious about why Jon was being so secretive about his phone!! My girl is no dummy – she can smell a plot! but he totally pulled it off and she was 100% surprised. And then to top it all off, she turned around and saw me hiding in the bushes!I feel super blessed to have been able to capture this moment for my best friend. And I am so happy that the two of them have found each other and now get to experience one of the greatest joys in life — MARRIAGE!!!

Here are my favorites from that morning. Congratulations Jon and Hannah!!Cedar Lakes Woods and Garden ProposalCedar Lakes Woods and Garden ProposalCedar Lakes Woods and Garden ProposalCedar Lakes Woods and Garden Proposal




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