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A Back Yard Southern Maryland Wedding







Mike & Sherri

Saturday was a special day for our family – we grew double in size! Although it has always felt like Mike’s family was our family, it became official when Tony’s mom, Sherri, and Mike tied the knot at their back yard southern Maryland wedding Saturday night!

Sherri wanted to transform her backyard to have a beachy vibe which was perfectly done by our cousin, Lindsay! You know how we feel about that color blue – it’s our favorite color! I think one of my favorite parts of the decor was actually Mike & Sherri’s cake! It was so perfectly done, including edible seashells and sand!

Everyone partied and danced the night away and it was so fun to do so with FAMILY! We feel like we often miss out on big things like these because we work every weekend, so it was really cool and special to actually be there and celebrate for such a huge moment in our families lives! Tony and his brother even got to walk Sherri down the aisle – definitely my favorite part to watch. It was just so sweet!

A huge thank you to the following vendors who made this day so beautiful for our family!

Hair Stylist | Krystie from The Loft Salon

Makeup | Miranda Paige Beauty

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